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Most of ​ my works are available for book covers, just send me your request to  to check. 

-I can always edit the design for you free of charge if you want it along the way. I know book covers tend to change many times before its published.

-If you bought a Already made cover and you want me to change something If its just fonts &  design, its free of charge
 for the cover you already bought.
Once purchased is made, please email me the details of your book so I can edit the cover, then the full size 300hdpi will be send to you in less than 48hs along with the License release form, once Payment and information are confirmed by me.

Covers below are free of copyrights problems! No royalties requested.
Artists hold the rights to their arts and we decide how we apply the terms.
I grant commercial permission for the purpose of the products you need, not for you to use and abuse my art.

Fell free to send in your own personal request to my email  and check my HOW TO  section to get things going faster
Thank you for stoping by!

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